The intention is to run two sessions of 4 hours each of multichannel content in each of the three major regions – The America’s, Europe/Africa and Asia/Pacific.

What does this mean?

That there will be prime and evening session content each day.  Each region will have its own prime session of time that is scheduled during the working day.  As an example, the prime session for the America’s would start at 1pm in cities like San Paulo and Halifax, 11am in New York and 8am in Los Angeles or Vancouver.  The session will last 4 hours.

The evening session in the America’s would start at 8pm in Sao Paulo/Halifax or 4pm in Los Angeles/Vancouver.

This type of scheduling is repeated for the Asia/Pacific and European/African regions.

The Conference content will shared across regions.  For example, the evening session in the America’s coincides with the prime Asia/Pacific session. While the European/African prime session coincides with the Asia/Pacific evening session.


Note: Program is subject to change.

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