Presidential Sessions

For each submission that aligns with the conference theme A Visible Voice, authors will have the option of being considered by the Scientific Committee and ISME President for a limited number of Presidential Sessions. Presidential Sessions will be curated to foster collaboration between scholars (or between scholars, students, practitioners, etc.) who have rarely if ever collaborated before and who come from different regions, disciplinary perspectives and/or methodological approaches but examine similar or related issues/topics that align with the conference theme. If you would like your submission to be considered for a Presidential Session, please indicate this by selecting the “Presidential Session” option on the online submission form.

Examples of questions to consider for Presidential Sessions that relate to topics addressing the conference theme include but are not limited to:

  • Create opportunities for international dialogue, collaborations and action in support of music education scholarship and practice
  • Share ideas that promote music education as a culturally responsive, inclusive and life-long transformative journey
  • Ways in which the role of music in education as a means of meeting our need for identity, affirmation and validation as individuals and communities can be developed
  • Demonstrate through our actions including advocacy, practice, research and leadership how our work and our voice can be made more visible, better understood and influential