Forum for Instrumental and Vocal Teaching

 15-16 July 2022
Venue: Virtual

Theme: Teaching music in times of trouble

The Forum for Instrumental and Vocal Teaching of the International Society for Music Education (ISME) invite submissions for their preconference to be held in Brisbane from July 15th to 16th, 2022 as part of the35th  ISME World Conference. The conference aims to foster global understanding and co-operation among the world’s music educators. By strengthening ties and sharing ideas about diverse aspects and issues within music education, the 2022 ISME World Conference helps to promote music education worldwide for people of all ages.

The theme for the 2022 ISME World Conference is A Visible Voice. We recognise the legitimacy of each community’s music practice as a valid strategy for their socialisation and development. It is crucial that each music tradition finds space within the activities espoused by ISME.  For teacher and researcher alike, there is need for respect and recognition of one’s opinion, position and perception, no matter their station, because every experience is valid and has something to contribute to ISME’s global agenda of enhancing human lives through quality music education. The 35th World Conference provides a platform where, globally and at personal levels, what we do makes a difference as we provide the diversity that our membership represents.

The conference will help us to ‘see’ the different voices that ‘music’ presents by empowering music educators towards the creation of a more just, more socially embracing and more economically supportive society.

Τhe topic of the pre-conference is Teaching Music in Times of Trouble. During the preconference we aim to examine ways and discuss possibilities for making instrumental and vocal teaching, in its various contexts and settings, more visible and appreciated from the community at large. The teaching of instrumental and vocal music sets the foundation for accessing the benefits and joys of music making for all. Inevitably, during these uncertain and troublesome times, we all need to find ways to reconsider, adjust and possibly reinvent what we are doing in order to stay productive and physically and emotionally healthy and continue to enrich our lives with meaningful music experiences. 


The aims of the Forum are to investigate methods and practices of teaching instrumental or vocal students in the diverse contexts of global music making; and to explore and discuss the most recent relevant research that could assist instrumental/vocal teachers. This Forum encompasses all aspects of instrumental and vocal teaching and learning that may take place in the home or school, on a one-to-one or small group basis.

The forum maintains a close connection to the ISME Musicians’ Health and Wellness Special Interest Group whose role are to disseminate crucial health and wellness information to provide educators the tools to assist their students develop their musical skills in a healthy way that will enable them to maintain a lifetime of joyful music making.