A Visible Voice

Emily Akuno, ISME President, has explained A Visible Voice, the world conference theme as follows:

This slogan speaks to diverse situations in community engagement, of which (music) education is a key facilitator.

Voice – Music is sound, and hence audible. The voice is also a reference for opinion, position, perception. Through this, ISME provides its members, no matter their station, an opportunity to be heard, because every experience is valid and has something to contribute to ISME’s global agenda of enhancing human lives through quality music education.

Visibility – This provides continuity from the previous biennium’s ‘Making the work we do visible’. This will be unpacked globally and at personal levels. How does what we do make a difference to both the university professor and the kindergarten teacher, whose application of or approach to music in class are as different as day and night? Can we find space for a traditional folk song and narrative in the classroom the way we do with high art orchestral pieces of music? If we are to attain intercultural understanding, we must be willing to ‘see’ the different voices that ‘music’ presents.